Peaceful demonstration and march to stop the spraying of glyphosate


Expected numbers at Thursday’s Don’t Spray Us – North Mountain Rally have forced a change of venue to accommodate larger numbers than originally estimated. 

Organizers of the rally opposing aerial herbicide spraying on local woodlands have met such a positive response that they feel the original venue will not be adequate for maintaining social distancing.  

The event will now be held at the Burlington Community Hall, 2122 Long Point Road, starting at 4:00. 

The Burlington Community Hall is easier to find and can handle more parked cars and achieve easier social distancing while providing good access for everyone on a paved road. As well, an open seating area outdoors will provide safe space for the expected increase in attendance. 

Organizers are asking supporters to share the new location as quickly as possible. 


Reporter, Joan Baxter’s thorough article on the proposed spraying and glyphosate [Halifax



Hi North Mountain Communities in our newsletter area and beyond,

Please read this call for your support.

We have an urgent situation that has arisen in the past week and North Mountain neighbours are rallying
to stop the spraying of glyphosate. There will be a peaceful demonstration and march [junction of Nowlett
Beckwith and McNally Roads] this Thursday, 3rd, 4-6pm.  See PSA below.

Click here for a map of the Five Islands Development Corp. land, woodland owners and Meekin Brook. [Map is drawn facing west.]

Journalist, Joan Baxter visited the site yesterday. Look for her article Tuesday morning Sep. 1st in the
Halifax Examiner.*

See you Thursday!  With gratitude,  

PS Don’t forget physical distancing :>)

Extinction Rebellion email from Nina Newington, August 29th:

“Yesterday a determined and organized group of people on the North Mountain, including three XR members, got together to plan actions against the aerial spraying of glyphosate in their neighbourhood. They are taking a stand for the forests and the planet — for all of us.

Please join them on Thursday at 4pm. The site is 15 minutes from highway exits at Aylesford or Berwick. Expect more news. These folks are not going to give up.

See you on the Mountain on Thursday. Bring signs. And friends.   Nina”
[Suggested signs: ‘Don’t Spray Us’, ‘No Glyphosate!’ ‘No Forests, no Future’ or anything that gets the message over.]

From Don Osburn, woodland owner directly downstream from proposed spraying.

August 29, 2020
 — A recent decision by the Nova Scotia Dept. of Environment to approve aerial spraying of herbicides containing glyphosate, a probable human carcinogen, is meeting with determined opposition on a number of fronts. 

Woodland owners and residents on the North Mountain, who are opposed to aerial spraying of 250 acres of lands owned by Five Islands Development Corp. (PID #55077747) on the North Mountain near Victoria Harbour, are commencing an urgent series of actions to: 

  • Alert the public to the dangers of glyphosate use on woodlands. 
  • Convince Nova Scotia Environment to rescind spraying approvals and end aerial herbicide spraying in favor of more environmentally sustainable and less dangerous methods.  
  • Convince Five Islands Developments, as a responsible corporate entity, to use sustainable forestry methods and be good non-resident landowning neighbors. 
  • Prevent any spraying of these lands. 

 Planned actions include: 

  • Protest demonstrations and marches. The first demonstration and march will be Thursday, September 3, 2020, 4:00 – 6:00 pm, junction of McNally and Nollett Beckwith Roads, 3.5 km West from Long Point Road, Burlington, North Mountain
  • Public information meetings
  • Networking with other groups opposed to unsustainable forestry methods 
  • ‘Emergency Nature Walks’ to increase awareness of this imminent threat, as lands may be sprayed as soon as Labour Day. These will include walks in sustainably-managed woodlots bordering Meekin Brook, as well as walks up Nollett Beckwith Rd.
  •  Demonstrations at Department of Environment Office in Kentville.

Further PSA’s will be sent out as plans develop. For more information please contact: 

Don Osburn

* Additional comment from Don: Joan Baxter has seen what has been destroyed here as well as what we are trying to preserve and restore. She has reported on the larger issue of glyphosate but will take a closer look at our situation and seems to agree that we have a glaring example of what should be done versus what shouldn’t. She will likely be breaking the news of further action on our part – stay tuned!